About Improvement Plan

Hi, it's Haus of Savage, we're happy to see you here.

In last year, we have received the feedback on our products/service.

Here are what we will do in 2023,

Fashion and styles

  • Try to start our Accessories Collection

Size and Fit:

To make it easier to find a size that fit you best, we will

  • Add more apperal measurements such as inseam, sleeve length, shoulder width etc on product page;
  • Add fabric elasticity number;
  • Add model body size for reference;
  • Collect more reviews / feedbacks on size.

Quality and Details

  • Use new fabric which can balance the quality and the price better;
  • Add some variants for different body type or height beauties;

Start now:

Hi, We're happy to that many tall girl beautie love our outfit and want to have a try, but limited to our pants inseam length.


If you're the one who trust us, you can leave the style you need with your height.


Please leave your requests to e-mail 

  • Improve the package we used.


  • Try to upgrade the shipping service, include more options and faster lead time

Payment ways

  • More payment way will be available this yeat like pay by credit card directly, shopify pay and so on. 


Thanks for your support again.