Size & Color

About Size or Fit

How to buy something fit perfectly on Haus of Savage?

1.Check the measurements carefully one by one, since we use the different size charts in different styles.

2. The bust ,waist and hips in our size chart are the doubled apparel measurement as showed in the picture below, not your body size.

3. We add 4-5cm(1.6" - 2") for each size-up compared with the normal size(8-10cm), which means it will be smaller than regular size but more accurate.If you know your US size, we suggest you to take our US size as 1st consideration.

4. If you do be confused with the size on Haus of Savage,for better shopping experience, you can send e-mail to us, we will reply to you within 24 business hours.

5. If we do send the wrong size after you check the size charts carefully, it's hassle-free to do an exchange. or you have size suggestions, Just drop a message to us (with your body size and the size you bought):

About Color Difference

There are several factors that can cause a color difference in clothing, including:

1. Device or monitor: Most of our photos are shot by Canon, and we recheck the color with our manufacturer on Mac and iphone to make sure that the picture illustrate the real color as well.

2. Light condition: indoor light, sunlight, studio light, can make the color look differently, especial for the transition colors

3. Washing: Different detergents, water temperatures, and washing methods can affect the color of clothing.

4. Age: Over time, clothing can become a little bit discolored or faded especially for the clearence one.

5. Environmental factors: Exposure to pollutants or other environmental factors can cause discoloration or fading of clothing.


Thanks for your understanding.