About Us

Haus of Savage is a fashion offering website and the idea of connection.

Where it from or originated?

Inspired by time-honored American 1970-1980 fashion elements ∞ bold use of color in African traditonal apparel.

What we believe ?

Fashion is a way to reflect the past pioneer future.

In here, we have a desire to make some efforts on a cozy life self love.

Not just feeling good, but you're good.

Where we will go ?

We deeply know that we still have many places to grow and improve, 

including but not limited to better express in fashion style, better fabric, better service in and out the online store and be more savage.

Take the time and be better together.

Appreciate to everyone who is interested in us.
And thanks to our investor:
Shanghai Qiqian Trading Co. Ltd.

Now, let's connected: www.haussavage.com