1. I would like to return them all for a full refund. 
  2. They are too small/big, I want to return for a lager/small size.
  3. I haven't received it yet. Where is my order.
  4. Why is it taking so long for my order to arrive and why is it taking so long?
  5. The size did not fit, and I ordered according to my usual size, the quality is not good, the clothes are not as described in the pictures
  6. When will my order be shipped?
  7. I ordered some items, but i didn't receive any confirmation email.
  8. I want to cancel my order
  9. How do I get a refund of my order, it takes so long and I can’t wait.
  10. Can I receive my order on XX/XX.
  11. What do you mean about the 20% refund?
  12. Your company that makes the clothes is it located in China??